With the ever changing climate we have in Southwest Florida finding an outdoor cabinet product that was durable became a priority for us at The Outdoor Kitchen Place. This led us to a product developed by Michael Moras known as Naturekast. Naturekast cabinets have become a very popular commodity in Southwest Florida over the past ten years. This high density closed- cell resin creates the look and feel of real wood with a 100% weatherproof guarantee. This low maintenance resin won’t fade, warp or crack and is engineered to withstand the elements and resist corrosion. Offering three door choices, an array of different finishes and cabinet layouts to fit any kitchen the Naturekast product is a perfect fit for any outdoor kitchen in southwest Florida.


For an upscale finish for your outdoor kitchen, stone veneer is a very popular facing providing extremely durable finish with a great appeal. There is a wide variety of stone veneer available in both natural and manufactured forms. We offer an array of different veneers from the top manufactures in the United States.

When choosing a stone veneer, The Outdoor Kitchen Place will guide you through the selection process; always try to integrate with the existing architecture and taking into consideration the existing landscaping and surrounding areas.


Stucco is a cement based mortar that is spread thinly over a solid backing. Stucco is lightweight and easy to apply. The beauty of stucco is the rainbow of colors possible, which brings in a number of different options for a unique look.


The leader in outdoor aluminum cabinets is Challenger, which is another good option for your kitchen. The cabinets come with adjustable stainless steel legs, full extension drawer glides and internal shelves. The custom outdoor kitchen line is a polished durable outdoor solution made entirely from aluminum. Delivery is quick and set up can be completed within hours of delivery. A great solution for those tight spaces with no messy install.

Other things to consider:

Hoods People come into our showroom wondering since our kitchen is outside, do I really need a vent hood? Sometimes, if the kitchen has no roof structure above and is truly outside, the answer is no. Often times, especially in Florida, the hood is outside but under the covered lanai area which means that ventilation will probably be needed.

An appropriate sized vent hood is extremely important and needs to be placed at the right distance from your grill to maximize ventilation. A build up of smoke in your lanai can cause grease build up and discoloring on the walls. We can help you pick out the right size hood that compliments your kitchen design.


Our experience installing hundreds of outdoor kitchens is that granite is the most durable countertop on the market. It stands up to our elements in southwest Florida and offers a durable clean surface that will last for years.

Our stream line selection process allows you to visit our distributer directly, providing you with the largest and latest available granite slabs on the market.

Sinks and Faucets:


We also specialize in sinks and faucets. All of our sinks and faucets are 304 Stainless Steel which is the most resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Florida weather dictates nothing less.