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Urban Bonfire's outdoor kitchen systems have a wide array of functional and aesthetic options to choose from. Beyond professional quality grilling and cooking equipment, each custom kitchen is configured to maximize outdoor storage and entertainment spaces while offering clients a vast array of material, color and finishing choices. You can find Urban Bonfires entire catalog here.

Urban Bonfire_Algarve (Caliber).jpg
Urban Bonfire_Carmel (Lynx).jpg
Urban Bonfire_Malibu (Alfresco).jpg
Urban Bonfire_Colossal (Wolf).jpg
Urban Bonfire_Hampton (Hestan).jpg
Urban Bonfire_Penthouse_Closeup2.jpg
Urban Bonfire_Santa Fe (Lynx).jpg
Urban Bonfire_Suburban_Kitchen.jpg
Urban Bonfire_Urban1.jpg
Urban Bonfire_Topanga (Caliber Social).j
Urban Bonfire_Urban3.jpg
Urban Bonfire_Urban2.jpg
Urban Bonfire_Ravenna_Design
Coral 42_Pewter.jpg
Spring 36_Clay.jpg
Urban Bonfire_Design Features_DrawerBD12
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